an open letter to Doug Ford

July 10, 2018

The Honourable Doug Ford
Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON M7A 1A1

Dear Premier Ford,

Congratulations on being given a mandate to form government and assume the role of Premier of Ontario. The people have given you the responsibility to lead the province with integrity, wisdom, and compassion.

As ministry leaders in The United Church of Canada who live and serve in Ontario, we are encouraged by your promise to listen to faith communities such as ours. We are asking the members of our congregations to be conscious of working with our government for the greater good of all Ontarians.

The communities we serve and lead may write to you on their own accord, but we write to you today as ministry colleagues who collectively wish to highlight a number of important issues. We ask that you and your colleagues keep them in mind throughout your term in elected office.

We recognize that much of your platform was centred on economic issues, planned economic reforms, and the pursuit of prosperity for the people of Ontario. We trust that the reforms your government introduces will take into consideration the poor and marginalized of society and will work towards advancing their prosperity. It is our experience that the weakest of our society are the most vulnerable to any change, even change that is warranted.

Although there are many issues that are of concern to us as United Church ministry leaders, these are the specific points we ask you to keep in mind as you assume office:1. The vulnerable and marginalized must not pay the cost of budget cuts. The poorest members of our society cannot break free of the cycles of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and poor medical care without programs that enable them to become healthy members of our communities. It is far too easy to fall between the cracks of our currently broken systems.

2. Safe, affordable housing for all Ontarians needs to be a priority so that all people can benefit from the physical and emotional safety and stability a good home provides. We are particularly concerned about the lack of quality housing options for people who live with disabilities, seniors with low incomes, and Indigenous people living on reserves.

3. It is a moral obligation to help those in need, particularly those fleeing for their lives from other countries. We ask you to do your utmost to welcome and support refugees and to embody a leadership style that is open and compassionate.

4. You have promised to make improvements to our health care system, notably doing away with hallway medicine. We encourage you to keep your promise in this regard and to deliver better access to healthcare for all Ontarians. We are particularly concerned for those struggling with addiction and ask that you give weight to the evidence that supports a variety of approaches to harm reduction.

5. We value teaching comprehensive sexual education in our schools and believe strongly that knowledge leads to better choices and better health outcomes.

6. Climate care is an expression of our call to be good stewards of God’s creation. We encourage your government to find and implement strategies that will reduce Ontario’s carbon emissions while contributing to a robust “green” economy. We are concerned that lower gas taxes and a move away from both solar technology and light rail transit will have an adverse impact on the environment in Ontario and beyond.

7. As the gap between rich and poor widens, access to higher education is becoming increasingly difficult for a growing number of people. Education in general needs to be a priority. As you have stated, Ontario can be one of the most competitive economies in the world. A well-educated workforce is key to that goal.

We appreciate your desire to unify all Ontarians in a vision of prosperity. We respectfully ask that this vision include the points we have raised, namely care of the vulnerable, affordable housing, support for refugees, quality healthcare, comprehensive sexual education in our schools, climate care, and access to higher education for all.

We would be pleased to meet you and with MPPs in our local areas to begin a dialogue about these matters. Lastly, we wish you well as you fulfil your mandate to serve all citizens of Ontario.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Hanley (Rev.), Toronto
Adam Kilner (Rev.), Sarnia
A. H. Harry Oussoren (Rev. Dr.), Ottawa
Alana Martin, Toronto
Alexa Gilmour (Rev.), Toronto
Alison Mock (Rev.), Mississauga
Alison Nicholson (Rev.), Hamilton
Allison Playfair (Rev.), Burlington
Allan Baker (Rev.), Toronto
Allan Smith-Reeve (Rev.), Peterborough
Amy Lee (Rev.), Toronto
Andrea Allan (Rev.), Embro
Anita Rowland (Rev.), Grand Valley
Anita Spiller (Rev.), Lincoln
Ann Harbridge, Rosemont
Anne Beattie-Stokes (Rev. Dr.), London
Anne Dionisio (Rev.), Toronto
Anne Meredith (Rev.), Brooklin
Barbara Clark (Rev.), Ilderton
Barbara Creelman, Denbigh
Barry King (Rev.), Toronto
Bill Boyd (Rev.), Parry Sound
Blair R. Paterson (Rev.), South Mountain
Bob Root (Rev. Dr.), Peterborough
Brian McIntosh (Rev.), Etobicoke
Bri-anne Swan, East Gwillimbury
Brad Morrison (Rev. Dr.), Sarnia
Brooke Belliveau (Rev.), Clarington
Caitlin MacKenzie, Jerseyville
Cameron Watts (Rev. Dr.), North York
Carey Wagner (Rev.), Wyoming and Watford
Carol-Ann Chapman (Rev.), Nobleton and Schomberg
Carol L. Hancock (Rev.), Bracebridge
Caroline Penhale (Rev.), Ottawa
Carolyn Smith, Mississauga
Catherine Gutjahr (Rev.), Ottawa
Cathy Gradante (Rev.), Campbellford
Cathy Taylor (Rev.), Sudbury
Ceri Rees (Rev.), Orono
Cheri DiNovo (Rev.), Toronto
Chris Fickling (Rev.), Kitchener
Christine Johnson (Rev. Dr.), Fitzroy Harbour
Cheryl Kirk (Rev.), Wallaceburg
Cheryl Kinney Matheson (Rev.), Kenora
Cheryl Wood Thomas (Rev.), Fort Erie
Christina Crawford, Sweaburg
Christina Paradela (Rev.), Lynden and Dundas
Christine Smaller (Rev.), Toronto
Christopher White (Rev.), Toronto
Cindy Randall (Rev.), Toronto
Colin Swan (Rev.), Comber
Cordelia Karpenko (Rev.), Ajax
Cory Vermeer-Cuthbert (Rev.), Elliot Lake
Curtis Marwood (Rev.), Blenheim
Craig Donnelly (Rev.), Lindsay
Cynthia O’Connell, Toronto
Cynthia R. Stretton (Rev.), Toronto
Daniel Benson (Rev.), Toronto
Daniel MacDonald, Cannington
Darlene Hardy, Woodstock
Dave Jagger (Rev.), Hamilton and London
David Lander (Rev.), Castleton and Grafton
David Moore (Rev.), Oshawa
Dawn Vaneyk (Rev.), Sudbury
Deanna Gibson (Rev.), Brigden
Deb Hinksman (Rev.), Delhi
Debbie McMillan (Rev.), Hamilton
Deborah Deavu (Rev.), Cambridge
Deborah Elliott (Rev.), Salem
Deborah Hart (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Deborah Laforet (Rev.), Oakville
Deborah Poirier, Chesterville
Debra Kigar (Rev.), Burlington
Debra Schneider (Rev.), Toronto
Donald D. Wachenschwanz (Rev.), Prescott
Don Stiles (Rev.), Seeley’s Bay
Donna Bowman-Woodall (Rev.), Lake of Bays
Doug Wright (Rev.), Parkhill
Edward Wells (Rev.), Clarington
Elaine Beattie (Rev.), Ottawa
Eleanor Barrington (Rev.), Ottawa
Eleanor Scarlett (Rev.), Bolton
Elizabeth Boehm-Wilson (Rev.), Glenburnie
Elizabeth Bryce (Rev.), Ottawa
Elizabeth Cunningham (Rev.), Stouffville
Elizabeth Lemon (Rev.), Woodstock
Ellen Walker (Rev.), Kitchener
Emily Gordon (Rev.), Toronto
Eric Lukacs (Rev.), Ottawa
Erin Burns (Rev.), Ottawa
Erin McIntyre (Rev.), Dryden
Étienne LeSage (Rev.), Ancaster
Evelyn McLachlan (Rev.), Nobleton
Frances Combs (Rev.), Toronto
Frances Flook (Rev.), Emo
Fran Ota (Rev.), Mono Mills
G. David King (Rev.), Belleville
Gail A. C. Christy (Rev.), Ottawa
George Clifford (Rev.), Ottawa
Georgina Fitzgerald (Rev.), Ottawa
Gord Dunbar (Rev.), Kincardine
Grant Dillenbeck (Rev.), Stittsville
Grant McNeil (Rev.), Ottawa
Greer Anne Wenh-In Ng (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Gregory Daly (Rev.), Caledon
Greg Smith-Young (Rev.), Elora
Hannah Lee (Rev.), Toronto
Harry Morgan (Rev.), Haliburton
Heather Davies (Rev.), Neyaashiinigmiing
Heather McCarrel (Rev.), Annan
Heather Leffler (Rev.), Rockwood
Heather McLurg (Rev.), Inverary and Battersea
Heather Power (Rev.), Waterloo
Heather Stevenson, Caledon
Hugh D. Reid (Rev.), Toronto
Jackie Harper (Rev. Dr.), Belleville
Ian Sloan (Rev.), Hamilton
Jack Carbert (Rev.), Orillia
James Lepard (Rev.), Toronto
James Murray (Rev.), Ottawa
James Ravenscroft (Rev.), Richmond Hill
Jane Capstick (Rev.), St Catharines
Jane Howe (Rev.), North Bay
Jane Sullivan (Rev.), Toronto
Jane Van Patter (Rev.), Woodstock
Janet Evans (Rev.), Morrisburg
Janet MacPherson (Rev.), Toronto
Janet Smith Zenwirt (Rev.), Etobicoke
Janet Stobie (Rev.), Peterborough
Janice Frame (Rev.), Silver Water
Jason Meyers, Toronto
Jessica McCrae (Rev.), Toronto
Jean Stairs (Rev. Dr.), Kingston
Jeff Doucette (Rev.), Tyrone
Jenn Hind (Rev.), Waterloo
Jennifer Palin (Rev.), Toronto
Jessica Cottrell (Rev.), Harriston
Jessica Hetherington (Rev. Dr.), Richmond
Jim Sinclair (Rev. Dr.), North Bay
John D. Suk (Rev. Dr.), North York
John Klassen (Rev.), Toronto
John T. Mathew (Rev. Dr.), Mississauga
John Perigoe (Rev.), Toronto
Joseph Ramsay (Rev.), Napanee
Joy Cowan, Toronto
Judith M. Evenden (Rev.), Kingston
Karen Boivin (Rev. Dr.), Ottawa
Karen Dale (Rev.), Toronto
Karen Hammond Croxall (Rev.), Bolsover
Karen Hilfman Millson (Rev.), Orillia
Karen J. Bowles (Rev.), Toronto
Karen Orlandi, Niagara and St. Catharines
Karlene Brown-Palmer (Rev.), Tillsonburg
Karlene Kimber, London
Kate Ballagh-Steeper (Rev.), Goderich
Kate Crawford (Rev. Dr.), Grand Bend
Katherine Brittain (Rev.), Toronto
Kathi Phillips (Rev.), Mississauga
Kathy Douglas, Kitchener
Kellie McComb (Rev.), Waterloo
Kenneth O. Robinson (Rev.), Ottawa
Kevin Logie (Rev.), Parry Sound
Kevin Steeper (Rev.), Goderich
Kieren Williams (Rev. Dr.), Hamilton
Kimberly Heath (Rev.), Brockville
Kim Falls (Rev.), Omemee
Kim Vidal (Rev.), Ottawa
Kirsty Hunter (Rev.), Minesing
Kristin Philipson (Rev.), Toronto
Larry Doyle (Rev. Dr.), Courtice
Lauren Hodgson (Rev.), Toronto
Laurie O’Leary (Rev.), Exeter
Linda M. Butler (Rev.), Richmond Hill
Linda Fuller, Pembroke
Linda Newnham (Rev.), Burk’s Falls
Linda Walker (Rev.), Hamilton
Lois Gaudet (Rev.), Avonmore
Lorrie Daly-Price (Rev.), Markham
Louise Mahood (Rev.), Toronto
Lynn Smith Reeve (Rev.), Peterborough
Lynne Allin (Rev.), Mount Elgin
Lynne Gardiner (Rev.), Delta
Maggie Keates (Rev.), Gravenhurst
Marcie Gibson (Rev.), Arkell
Marg Smith (Rev.), Stratford
Margaret Murray (Rev.), Woodstock
Marilyn Zehr (Rev.), Maynooth
Mark Laird (Rev.), Drayton
Marlene Britton-Walfall (Rev.), Thunder Bay
Mary Dillon, Putnam and Springfield
Mary Elford (Rev.), Richwood
Mary-Margaret Boone (Rev.), Janetville
Mary Royal Duczek (Rev.), Almonte
Matt Gallinger (Rev.), Merrickville and Ottawa
Maya Brathwaite (Rev.), East Gwillimbury
Maya Landell (Rev.), Toronto
Meghan Gilholm, Glen Morris
Meg Jordan (Rev.), Elmvale
Melanie Kirk-Hall (Rev.), Sarnia
Melody Duncanson Hales (Rev.), North Bay
Meriel Simpson (Rev.), Toronto
Michael Blair (Rev.), Toronto
Michael Kooiman (Rev.), Weston
Michael Perreault (Rev.), Ottawa
Michael Shewburg, Paris
Michelle Brotherton (Rev.), Bowmanville
Michelle Robinson (Rev.), Whitby
Michiko Bown-Kai, Toronto
Molly Bell (Rev.), Ottawa
Monica Moore (Rev.), Parry Sound
Nancy Best (Rev.), Orleans
Nancy E. Hardy (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Norm Seli (Rev.), Toronto
Norman Long (Rev.), Tweed
Oliver Dingwell, Toronto
Patricia James, Stroud
Philip Cable (Rev.), Barrie
Paul Dillman (Rev.), Ottawa
Paul Hutchison (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Paul Reed (Rev.), Kawartha Lakes
Paul Shepherd (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Peter Woods (Rev.), Ottawa
Phil Wilson (Rev.), Moscow and Riverside
Ralph Carl Wushke (Rev.), Toronto
Rob Metcalf (Rev.), Toronto
Robert LePage (Rev.), Oshawa
Roberta Howey (Rev.), Toronto
Robin Wardlaw (Rev.), Toronto
Robin McGauley (Rev.), Toronto
Rodney Smith-Merkley (Rev.), Bobcaygeon
Ruth McDonald (Rev.), Barrie
Sandra J. Yule (Rev.), Ottawa
Sarah Chapman (Rev.), Willowdale
Sarah Grady (Rev.), Woodstock
Sarah Miller (Rev.), Toronto
Sharon Ballantyne (Rev. Dr.), Dunsford
Shawn Ankenmann (Rev.), Flesherton
Sheila Macgregor (Rev. Dr.), London
Stephanie Bates (Rev.), Cumberland
Stephanie Richmond, Kawartha Lakes
Stephen Fetter (Rev.), Toronto
Stephen Milton, Toronto
Stephen Willey (Rev.), Bracebridge
Steve Clifton (Rev.), Ottawa
Steven Davis (Rev. Dr.), Ajax
Susan Eagle (Rev.), Barrie
Susan Emily Cole (Rev.), Kitchener
Susan J. Ivany (Rev.), Thunder Bay
Svinda Heinrichs (Rev.), Maynooth
Takouhi Demirdjian-Petro (Rev.), Elgin and Portland
Ted Colwell (Rev.), Ottawa
Ted Grady (Rev.), Sutton
Ted Harrison (Rev. Dr.), North Bay
Teresa Burnett-Cole (Rev.), Ottawa
Thelma Arnott, Barrie
Thérèse Samuel (Rev.), Thornbury
Tina Conlon, Toronto
Thomas Dunbar (Rev.), Mitchell
Tom MacNeil (Rev.), Etobicoke
Trisha Elliott (Rev.), Ottawa
Walter Ridley (Rev.), Blenheim
Wanda Stride (Rev.), Kawartha Lakes
Wanda Winfield (Rev.), Blenheim
Warren Ball (Rev.), Richmond Hill
Warren Vollmer (Rev.), Frankford
Wendy MacLean (Rev.), Lyn
Wendy Noble (Rev.), London
William Thomas (Rev.), Fort Erie
Will Kunder (Rev. Dr.), North Bay

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As this letter circulates further into our networks, those who are in paid accountable ministry with the United Church of Canada continue to send in their names :

Andrew Hyde, Guelph
Fred Monteith (Rev.), Waterloo
Cindo Peterson, Cambridge
David White (Rev.), Ottawa
Lynn Hamilton (Rev.), Guelph-Eramosa Township
Douglas duCharme (Rev.), Toronto
Morgan Bell, Toronto
Cameron Watts (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Phyllis Dietrich (Rev.), Vankleek Hill
David Zub (Rev. Dr.), Sault Ste. Marie
Don McLean (Rev.), Norwood
Marilyn Burnard (Rev.), New Hamburg
Sue Cowan, Georgetown
Martha J. Lockwood (Rev.), Welland
Abigail J Johnson (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Lexie Chamberlain (Rev.), Oakville
Lois Wilson (The Very Rev., The Hon.), Toronto
Barb Smith-Young, Elora
George Rowaan (Rev.), London
Douglas Norris (Rev.), Toronto
Kassandra Matthews, Niagara Falls
Merle Lynn Watson (Rev.), Bancroft
William (Bill) Bruce (Rev.), Kitchener
Richard Hamilton (Rev.), Deseronto
Sue Wood, Orillia
Pamela Holmes (Dr.), Trenton
Joe Gaspar (Rev.), Waterloo
Nancy Lester (Rev.), Cobourg
Barbara L Fullerton (Rev. Dr.), Paris
Keith Reynolds (Rev.), Stratford
Micol Cottrell (Rev.), Harriston
Alison Miculan, Caistor Centre
Cathy Hird (Rev.), Chatsworth
Rienk Vlietstra (Rev.), Hanover
Kevin Fitzpatrick, Kawartha Lakes
John James (Rev. Dr.), Niagara Falls
David Steele (Rev.), Athens
Malcolm Sinclair (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Michelle Down (Rev.), London
Andy Crowell (Rev.), Hamilton
John Lougheed (Rev.), Kitchener
S. Derek Shelly (Rev.), Huntsville
Sandra Farrow (Rev.), Oshawa
Sadekie Lyttle-Forbes (Rev.), Windsor
Gwen Nicol-Macdonald (Rev.), Owen Sound
David Exley (Rev.), London
Keith Hagerman (Rev.), Cambridge
Jenni Leslie (Rev.), Ottawa
Dianne Cardin (Rev.), Ottawa
Bev Buckingham, Ottawa
Darrow Woods (Rev.), Oakville
Alex Jebson, Toronto
Susan McAllister (Rev.), Kingston
Tiina Cote (Rev.), Pembroke
Edith-Ann Shantz (Rev.), Toronto
Lorna MacQueen (Rev.), Dundas
Jennifer Broomhead (Rev.), Bowmanville
Lorraine Newton-Comar (Rev.), Aurora
Roni Beharry (Rev.), North Bay
Andrew Comar (Rev.), North Bay
Eun-Joo Park (Rev.), Sault Ste. Marie
Carol Ferguon (Rev.), Carruna
Jessica Knoyle, Ottawa
Sheryl Spencer (Rev.), Mount Forest
Brenna L Baker (Rev.), Mississauga
Myra Garvin (Rev.), Prescott
Lynda Price (Rev.), Kingston
Joan Tuchlinsky (Rev.), Kitchener
Roy Nicol-Macdonald (Rev.), Owen Sound
James Haupt (Rev.), Merlin
Lee D. claus (Rev.), Hamilton
Emma Pipes (Rev.), Brampton
Daniel Mulema (Rev.), Dutton
George Addison (Rev.), Vineland
Martha ter Kuile (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
James Malcolm Graham (Rev.), Kingston
Carla Van Delen (Rev.), Barrhaven
Don Parsons (Rev.), Burlington
Paul Ivany (Rev.), Norval
Margaret Bain (Rev.), Caledonia
Orville James (Rev. Dr.), Burlington
Judy MacGillivray (Rev.), Kingston
Doreen Mason, Windermere
Randy Boyd (Rev. Dr.), Thunder Bay
Lloyd Paul (Rev.), Binbrook
Glen Eagle (Rev.), Churchill
Gerry Hofstetter (Rev.), Southampton
Gail Clarkson, Fordwhich
Bonnie Holliday (Rev.), Port Elgin
Caroline Giesbrecht (Rev.), Belleville
Karen Smart (Rev.), Ajax
Connie Capes, Corruna
Katherine Selby (Rev.), Toronto
Susan Cameron (Rev.), Petrolia
Nan Hudson (Rev. Dr.), Kingston
Elizabeth Macdonald (Rev.), Kingston
Andrea Wheaton, Barrie
Peter T Hoyle (Rev.), Elliott Lake
Eric Bacon (Rev. Dr.), Toronto
Laurie McKnight (Rev.), Ottawa
Murray Rounding (Rev.), Amherstburg
Karen Low (Rev.), London
Joan Leslie Robertson (Rev.), Dundas
joan wyatt (Rev.), Burk’s Falls
Kay Heuer (Dr.), North Bay
Teresa Jones (Rev.), Powassan
Elaine Lush (Rev.), Englehart
Brian Donst (Rev.), Hamilton
Warren McDougall (Rev.), Toronto
Christine Lowson (Rev.), Winchester
Dave LeGrand (Rev.), Capreol
George Hermanson (Rev. Dr.), Burnstown
Maureen MacLeod-Oliver (Rev.), Orangeville
 Audrey Whitney (Rev.), Picton
Ross Leckie (Rev.), Caledon East
Lynne Bandy (Rev.), Guelph
Daniel Reed, Toronto
Lena Medeiros (Rev.), Mississauga
Helena Medeiros (Rev.), Mississauga
David Sherwin (Rev.), Ottawa
Mark Marshall (Rev.), Thamesford
Gayle Lucas Roth (Rev.), Vineland
Catherine Collins-Barker (Rev. Dr.), Windsor
Philip Gardner (Rev. Dr.), Hamilton
Bruce Dickson (Rev.), Guelph
Sue Campbell (Rev.), Guelph
Cindy Casey (Rev.), Ottawa
Jim Kirkwood (Rev.), Toronto
Jennifer E Canning (Rev.), Brantford
T Leigh Olson (Rev.), Burlington
Esther Townshend, Toronto
David McKane (Rev. Dr.), London

Do you serve in paid accountable ministry with the United Church of Canada in Ontario and wish to sign this letter? Click here.

19 thoughts on “an open letter to Doug Ford

  1. I am glad wiser heads than mine have chosen a considered good wish to our new government. I pray this measured gesture will foster a spirit of co-operative dialogue and enlightened policy and action. I look forward to a response from Mr. Ford.


  2. Thank you for your wisdom, your empathy and your eloquent defence of the better Christian principles.

    Your message, of course, will fall on deaf ears. Mr. Ford and his enablers have no interest in the people they purport to represent. They are mean-spirited ideologues supported by tremulous quislings.

    They have already begun to undermine primary, secondary and college education, environmental protection, economic equity, health care, mental health promotion, democratic norms and public safety. Their policies and practices are irredeemable. Their personal morals and ethics are vicious and venal.

    It is good that you “put them on notice.” You must now take the further steps of organizing and mobilizing resistance. Four years of corruption, mismanagement and reactionary governance may seem like a long stretch of public toxicity; however, if the future of Ontario is to be repaired and restored after Mr. Ford’s one term in office, then the time will pass quickly enough and your message passes from sincere advice to authentic advocacy and culminates in relentless interrogation and support for a serious, humane alternative.

    Incidentally, in the event that you are open to suggestions from an cheerful “non-believer,” in addition to the obvious reference to the “Beautitudes,” may I suggest drawing the attention of your congregations to the Book of Acts 4: 32-35?


    1. Hello Howard… Thank you for your kind and intelligent words. We pray that not all.ears are dead. Certainly yours are not. We pray that the 42% of eligible voters who stayed home will hear as well and hold all parties seeking the priviledge to serve to greater account. Please encourage your friends to join us in mind body and spirit.


    2. I could certainly compete with Mr. Doughty in hurling invective at Ford and his ilk, but I am glad that the skilled voices of my church leaders are speaking in the measured tones of those who would attempt to influence those in power who have the demonstrated capacity to exercise it destructively. Taking the low road of discourse as seems to prevail in political fora merely debases the voices of intelligence. One can disagree constructively and hope that humanity may thereby prevail. One does not change hearts and minds by assuming a priori that none exist where they are not evident..


      1. Our faith tells us to Love our neighbor and to remember that God show’s no parislity – that means we must find a way to be in harmony. Our way of life depends on it. As the apostle Paul said – do not let the sun go down on your anger but do not let it cause you to sin.

        Thank you for you kind words.


  3. This letter, expressing the need for continuous attention to social justice issues, is an excellent beginning. Please continue your efforts to press the new Ontario Government on this path.


  4. Thanks to all who took time to compose and sign this letter. May it be heard and meet with success at Queen’s Park


  5. Wonderful message, clearly articulated, Gospel inspired and work of the Holy Spirit. Thank you very much.


  6. I had a ‘good feeling of pride’ reading this letter. Reflecting on the UCC roots in Methodism, ‘people’ are central to our faith; the disenfranchised, the refugee, the disadvantaged represent the leper, the blind and the lame.
    The letter is a call out to all of us to do better and to do more.


  7. Thank you all for your encouragement. There are a group who have literally worked around the clock to make this happen. Your “thank yous” with any “but you should have’s” will really mean a lot to them.


  8. Thanks for composing that letter to Doug Ford . It is powerful- with striking illustrations- and reflects my thoughts and hopes. Well done. Is there any way lay people can sign on also or would that become too weighty?


  9. I could not have stated it any better myself!! I so much appreciate the positive and collaborative language used!! One does not need to use offensive or demeaning language when expressing an opinion!! Very well said!! I sincerely hope some heed is paid to your suggestions! It is so very important that we support the most vulnerable in our society regardless of who they are!!! Thank you so much for coming forward with this detailed reminder!!!


  10. I am not in paid/accountable service of the UCC but would be pleased to sign this well written letter. Do you have a members version?


  11. An excellent letter, in timing, tone and content. Well done! It also leaves open the possibility of follow-up, if appropriate, in light of developments…


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